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Website Design

6 Helpful Tips for A Successful Website

Your website is an ongoing process. You'll make changes to many of its parts over the years, from the initial launch to redesigns and frequent optimization to appeal to the current needs of your clients and buyer personas. 

If you want to be sure that you're getting the most from your website, whether you're making continual small improvements or going for a sweeping redesign that will change the entire appearance of your site, make sure you aren't forgetting any of these details. 

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Email Automation

How to Make More of Your Email With Smart Automated Marketing

Email marketing has long been a standby of many companies. But if you aren't paying attention to the latest developments in email marketing, you're missing out on a heavy dose of marketing firepower. 

The goal of marketing automation is to increase your overall sales by providing customized information that will reach your leads and create the sense of urgency they need to convert to paying customers. Properly handling your email marketing will allow you to accomplish this goal and build your business.

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Top Reasons Your B2B Needs SEO and Inbound


A fundamental function of inbound is attracting visitors. Gaining traction and authority using SEO is a great way to do that—making SEO and inbound one of the most effective partnerships in modern marketing.

Combining these efforts creates a powerful system that drives new site visitors with SEO and nurtures them through the inbound process.  

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Why You Need to Keep Up With Your Website Optimization


It would be nice if you could simply build your website, launch it and have it stay relevant for years to come. But continual website optimization is critical to your website's success.

Frequently updating your site helps bring in a steady flow of customers, allowing you to see regular traffic over time instead of stagnant then active periods based on how long it's been since your last site update. Designing and launching your website with a one-time effort in mind is a waste of money because your budget needs to allow for updates. Your website's purpose is to bring you revenue—and that's not going to happen if it isn't optimized for the ever changing online landscape and buyer needs.

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Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy

How to Review 2016 and Set Goals for 2017 Marketing


It's that time of year again—the time when you start putting together your marketing plan for the next year. With 2016 drawing to a close and 2017 approaching fast, you'll want to take a hard look at this year's efforts. 

You'll need to determine your successes and failures to develop a solid marketing plan for next year that will enable your business to experience greater levels of success. By reviewing your current efforts, you'll be able to better shape your choices to create a more effective marketing plan in the coming year.

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Inbound Marketing, Sales Funnel

How to Fuel Your Sales Funnel With Inbound

Inbound marketing can be used to fuel your sales funnel at every stage. By attracting visitors and nurturing them through the top and middle of the funnel, inbound provides qualified leads by the time they reach the sales team.

In order to fuel your sales funnel, your inbound marketing plan should incorporate several key types of content that will engage potential prospects through each stage of their buyer's journey.

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Inbound Marketing, Marketing Teams

Why It's Important to Evaluate Your Marketing Team


Your marketing team has an incredibly difficult job—they have to stay ahead of the game, convincing potential customers that your business is offering something that other businesses aren't. That's a tall order, so when evaluating the efforts of your team, also consider the areas where an outside agency could be of great value. 

It's important to build an effective marketing team who can target your ideal client base, get the word out about your business and show consistent growth as you work to improve your standing in your market. Evaluating that effectiveness is a key part of understanding where your team is doing an excellent job and where they could benefit from extra support. 

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Lead Generation

How You Need to Prepare for Google’s New Pop-Up Rules


Google's goal has always been to ensure that searchers are able to get the best results that are most relevant and effective for them. To offer this high-quality consistency, Google is constantly adjusting its algorithm to account for a multitude of factors that help determine where a site will rank in specific search terms.

The most recent in Google's efforts to enhance user experience is a crackdown on pop-up ads. Beginning on January 10, 2017, mobile sites that use intrusive pop-ups will receive lower search engine rankings than those that don't. Here's what you need to know to adjust and prepare.

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Sales Funnel, Inbound Sales

Why You Need to Upgrade to an Inbound Sales Process


Inbound marketing has transformed the relationship between customers and salespeople to be buyer-centric. In today's information-driven society, buyers are able to access as much information as they want about any product they like. Inbound sales supports—not frustrates—the buyer through their journey.

Upgrading to an inbound sales process allows you to provide customers with the information you most want them to have, giving them exactly what they need in order to choose your product over the competition's. 

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Gated Content, Lead Nurturing

What You Need to Know When Developing Gated Content


Gated content provides visitors with access to more valuable content than they would get just by browsing. But all gated content is not created equal. Developing effective gated content is all about creating something your visitors will gladly "pay" for (in the form of their information) that will allow you to contact them later. 

Think about this—anyone who provides their contact information in exchange for your gated content is a telling you they are a marketing qualified lead and is actually interested in what you're offering. By developing good gated content and boosting it accordingly, you can help bring incredible value to your customers and improve your lead generation at the same time—something 88% of B2B marketers who are currently creating custom content already know. 

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